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If you want to use this program, you need to have Java installed. Java is a free framework and allow you to run Java programs.
Many users already have it, but if you don't or you are not sure go to:
and download this: Windows 7, XP Offline (32-bit)

If Java is ok, you can download Party Tools here: Get Party Tools 4.4 (26432 times downloaded)

PartyTools is freeware !

After download, extract all files and double click on PartyTools.jar.
When your java is installed properly, the program will start. Sometimes jar files are associated with other programs like packers. Then you have to re-associate it to "javaw.exe".

If you running Vista or Windows 7 you HAVE TO read this: Information for Vista and Win7 users

And please make sure that you use the original english PartyPoker software. Download here