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How do I start this Tool, there is no exe file ?
You need the Java platform. This is a free framework which allows you to run Java programs. Many users already have this framework. If you don't or you are not sure please download it (Java Runtime Environment, JRE). You find the link here in the download area. Afterwards you can start PartyTools by double clicking on "PartyTools.jar".

When I start PartyTools a box pops up: "Can not find the main class, program will exit now".
Make sure that your Java installation is up to date. You need release 1.6 at last. Further you need the 32bit release of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) no matter you have a x64 system. And make sure, that you have unzipped the ".zip" file!

Can I use this program with Vista (x64) / Windows 7 (x64) ?
Yes you can! But there are some things you have to consider. If you running Vista 64 / Win 7 64 (or XP x64) you although need the 32bit release of the Java plattform.
IMPORTANT! The program have to run in administrator mode or with administrator rights, so please read this: Information for Vista and Win 7 users

Can I use a non English version of Party Poker with PartyTools?
No ! Only the English Party Poker version will work fine with PartyTools. While installing, you can choose the language, choose English.

My firewall reports that PartyTools wants to connect to internet at startup. Why?
PartyTool checks at startup if a new release or new program libraries are available. Apart from that, PartyTools sends or recieves nothing from internet.

I use Comodo Firewall Pro, is there a problem?
Yes. Some users told me that PartyTools has problems with this firewall. When you have this firewall and PartyTools doesn't work fine the reason may be this security tool.

My virus scanner messages that PartyTools may probably be a security risk. Why?
PartyTools uses some technology (so-called hooks) which your security program wrongly detects as a menace. You can use PartyTools without any concern.

I want use the Table Scanner, what do I need to make Tableselection?
You need a working PostgreSQL database and a program which stores information in this database. PartyTools supportes the following programs: Pokerstrategy Elephant, Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker 2 and 3.

I added my database in PartTools but I don't get any stats of the players sitting at the scanned tables?
Make sure you selected the right type of database when you added it. On default Poker Tracker 2 database is selected. If you use e.g. Elephant you have to select this in the dropdown menu.

I scan 20-30 tables then PartyTools closes itself?
Then you are probably not running the English Party Poker version.

Can I scan different stakes at one time?
No, only the stake you currently have selected in Party Poker will be scanned. If you want to scan only 6max tables enable the filter in Party Poker.

I click on "Start scan" but no tables come up in PartyTools?
Make sure Party Poker is running and the right stakes are selected. In rare cases you need to bring the Party Poker lobby to front by yourself.

The scanner works fine but I barely get stats from my opponents?
This is a sign that your database contains too less hands. Collect hands of your own or buy some here.

Can I use multiple databases at one time?
Yes it's possible! You can use as much databases as you want to maximize your results.

I'am running Holdem Manager and HeM installed PostgreSQL, I don't know the database username/password, what to do?
Try as username "postgres" and as password "postgrespass". It should work.

I can't establish a database connection because I lost my PostgreSQL password
If you use PokerTracker you can get it through the windows registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PTrack -> Value like "PSQLPWD"

Elephants users open the following folder:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\BENUTZERNAME\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\PokerStrategyElephant\PokerStrategy_Elephant.ex_Url_abczyx\ (WinXP)
C:\Users\BENUTZERNAME\AppData\Local\PokerStrategyElephant\PokerStrategy_Elephant.ex_Url_abczyx\ (Vista/7)
-> Open the file 'user.config' with notepad
-> Search for 'RootUser'
-> Now you see your username / password

I want to test PartyTools on playmoney tables, before I use it on real money tables, does it work?
No, PartyTools won't work correctly on play money tables. Try it on the lowest real money table limit.

Can I use PartyTools on other sites like WPT Poker or Azartia?
Yes, but FreePHG will not work for other sites unless you change the name of the application file of the poker software to "PartyGaming.exe". Read here for more informations: (second post of user 'jspill').